Forevermark in Botswana

May 09, 2017


For the people of Botswana, diamonds are more than just a fancy piece of jewelry. I am grateful enough to learn this fact when visiting the country of Botswana last week, with Forevermark Diamonds. Forevermark is the diamond brand from the De Beers group of Companies. De Beers leads this initiative by helping to build schools, hospitals, and support the local communities, while also creating jobs. In the beginning of our trip we visited the hospital at the Jwaneng Mine. The hospitals and schools are run in partnership with the Botswana government. Not only do they cater for all the mine employees and their families, but they also serve as district hospitals and schools, providing healthcare and education to everyone in the surrounding area. We got to hear how passionate and prideful all of the staff were about furthering Botswana’s development as a country – it was incredibly inspirational and humbling. I really learned so much about what goes into getting the perfect Forevermark diamond. The process is so much more in depth than anything I ever imagined. Right when a Forevermark diamond is taken from the ground, it is automatically tracked and monitored at each stage until it is inscribed as a Forevermark diamond. This process ensures that every Forevermark diamond is conflict free, untreated and completely natural. From the actual collecting of the rough stones, to the cutting and polishing, seeing firsthand the entire timeline of the creation a finished diamond was such a cool, once in a lifetime experience.