LA LA Land

April 06, 2016


Melissa_Findley-Tuula_LOSANGELES-113 January, 2016. Waking up every morning next to Melissa, with the low loft roof hanging over our head with fairy lights. Our incredible hosts make our day first thing every day, playing Reggae or Disco for us all to dance ourselves awake. Sunrise hikes to Griffith Observatory and Runyon Canyon. Morning coffee from The Oaks, a few groceries from Beachwood Market, emails and editing in the backyard sun. Afternoon walks down Abbott Kinney. Readings at my favourite Mystic Journey Bookstore. Learning to skate on Venice Pier at sunset. All night discussions and dancing beside the fireplace, with never enough bottles of Malbec. Last minute decisions to road trip to a cabin in Yosemite. Feels like home. I am not usually one to make New Years Resolutions, instead trying to take life by each day, but this year I decided to change my perspective on something very important to me. I’ve spent the most of the last 6 years on the road, with my belongings kept to one suitcase and haven’t stuck to a home base for more than a few months at a time. The pros have always outweighed the cons tenfold. I try to juggle the displacement of family life, friendships, relationships, health, work and more while also scrambling to figure out where I’ll be staying each night, let alone next week or month. I’ve built friendships that turn to family in cities across the world and leave a piece of myself with each one. But I’ve reached the point where I’m restless… for a home. After years of searching for a piece that felt like ‘me’ everywhere from New York, Berlin, Stockholm, London etc it seems to be the further disconnected depths of the Costa Rican jungle or a cottage in the hills behind Byron Bay that draws me closer. My New Years Resolution is not to try and find a home, but to make a home. I am currently considering LA as a temporary base (due to geographical location, similarity to home and friend circles) and can only hope that a “home” can be made of it. If anyone has advice or direction please let me know. What, or who is home to you? Photos by Melissa Findley