Koh Panyi Floating Village

June 15, 2016


Melissa_Findley-Tuula_THAILAND-338 Wearing: Faithfull The Label Playsuit. While organizing dozens of blog posts to come from this year I stumbled upon even more drafts from last years travels… I feel like I am constantly complaining of time and wifi restrictions but it is honestly the truth. When I am on the road it is extremely difficult to stay on top of thousands of emails each day, trying to figure out where I am staying most nights let alone finding reception strong enough for blog posts. Then when I am visiting home I prioritize the rare opportunity to switch offline. Honestly a wonderful problem to have, but just to let you all know that I have the best intentions with keeping this page updated, but life just keeps happening. Melissa and I visited the floating island of Koh Panyi this time last year while in Thailand. We had just come from a morning at Phang Nga Bay and en route to Hong Island when we made this common stopover. This was a last minute visit so I was unable to research beforehand, and to my surprise I have since read quite negative reviews on TripAdvisor. Majority of these state how it is obviously catered just to tourists (as most of Thailand now is) but as always I recommend looking past this to the locals that call this floating village home. We had the opportunity to be invited in to the school classroom where we not only watched the end of the class, but were greeted with the enormous smiles and hugs by the kids during their break. While walking back through the floating restaurants, tourist dictated stores and rows of fisherman we received only smiles from who would be the proud parents of the kids, working hard to send their beautiful children to school. If you have the time make sure to stop in, and as always when travelling keep an open mind. Photos by Melissa Findley