Introducing ROSEN’s First Collection

May 13, 2017

The Rosenrot

ROSEN Collection The Bohr Shirt The Bohr Shirt Clothing plays a huge part in making or breaking a journey, whether zipping across town on a bike or flying over continents. The hours I spend on the road have taught me that comfort is an issue and a priority. There are days when jeans and t-shirts are just not going to cut it. Aside from that, I believe many of us do not want to compromise on the aesthetics we have come to love. ROSEN's first collection focuses on the need for not-so-simple basics in carefully-selected fabrics serving specific purposes - beautiful medium-weight cotton gabardine for the shirts, hardy and heavy denim twill for the coat. These garments are made with comfort and durability in mind, with a genderless silhouette that works on various shapes and sizes. And most importantly, they aim to complement the complicated garments of our favourite designers. All you need to do is pick the colour and length that fit your needs. The Planck Shirt The Woolf Shirt; The Kaku Shirt The Hume Coat The Hume coat does not make grand promises. Rooted in its rational simplicity is a brave soul which is not afraid of being tarnished, tainted nor torn. It remains passionately humble despite its Herculean responsibility - which is to protect and serve your needs in day to day life. With pockets large enough to store most of your belongings when you are on the move, and fabric robust enough to weather eventual wear and tear, the Hume just wants to be your cheerful and loyal company. See the full collection here