How to Get Glowy Skin Overnight

October 12, 2017

The Chriselle Factor

I’m sure you guys have caught on by now but I definitely talk about skin and skincare ALL the time., I’ve done a few posts about it here and here, but as I’m always changing up my routine to fit my current lifestyle, I wanted to share with you all my updated routine on achieving glow skin! Your skin is kind of like your hair in the sense that when you try new products, it starts out amazing, and then loses its charm. With your skincare, once you like a product it’s okay to stick with it but personally, I like to swap things out and challenge my skin. I usually come back to the same products (if you missed it, make sure to check out my holy grail skincare here!), but I’m always switching it up and testing out new products. A lot of them work and some don’t (trust me: those don’t work will never make it on the blog). With that said, these are the products I’ve been using for the past month that have given me an amazing glow! Keep scrolling to see how to get glowy skin overnight! 1. This Works: In Transit No Traces I’ve used this product so much the past couple of months, I’ve already emptied it! These makeup remover wipes work really well and I love that they’re made without any harsh chemicals. I’ve had a few bad experiences with makeup remover wipes in the past, so I’m really happy with these. They really get all my makeup off and didn’t make my skin feel like it got robbed of its natural oils! 2. Caudalie Beauty Elixir I’ve been using this elixir for years now and I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for good packaging! When I saw it in its gold packaging, I just had to pick it up! I feel like this one might feel mintier than the OG but that might just be me justifying my purchase! LOL! I always have this elixir on me when traveling. I use it immediately after I take off my makeup to bring back moisture and get my skin ready for all the products I’m about to layer on. 3. CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Sunday Riely Some of you might remember this from my IG stories but the first time I used it, I was honestly shocked with how immediate the results were. This serum is great for those days when you’ve had a long night or didn’t get enough sleep and your skin is looking a little lackluster. This item will instantly brighten and plump your skin! When I use this, I feel like I don’t have to wear that much makeup because I don’t want to hide that natural glow! 4. Avéne A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defense Serum This is a newer product that I just started testing out while I was in Paris and I’m so happy with it! Whenever I’m traveling during the fall/winter I get very dry, and I don’t really like using heavy creams because my skin verges on oily. This new serum by Avéne really hydrates my skin without feeling too heavy. It’s a super lightweight water cream which is extremely hydrating and also gives you an illuminated glow. 5. La Prairie Luxe Sleep Mask In the drier winter months, I try to do a hydrating mask and/or sleep mask at least 2x a week. This skin caviar sleep mask has been my go-to lately since I’ve been feeling kind of dry with the weather change. I also like that you can sleep in it, too! Think of it as a very hydrating moisturizer.  Unlike most masks, this sleep mask disappears after a few minutes. I like to think of it as adding a seal on top of your skin, locking in moisture. The best thing about it this is that you wake up to super dewy skin! I’ll use this mask forever and ever, amen.