How to Double Your Summer Wardrobe

Okay, hear me out!  This summer, try wearing your bathing suit under your normal clothes. For an event a few weeks ago, I paired a scalloped bikini top and a pair of high waisted shorts together and I loved the way it looked! I know I’ve talked about how to wear your bathing suit on the streets while vacationing, but this was the first time I did it in my everyday life! To give it more of a dressed up vibe, I threw an oversized blazer (like this one) on with a pair of knockout red heels. I love that I can wear the shorts and bikini top paired with some cute sandals and a sun hat for a warm summer day as well. The trick is to wear high waisted shorts and a bikini top (or even crop top) with more coverage, that way you can still be covered up while still showing a little mid-drift. If you don’t like showing your mid-drift, wearing a cute one piece bathing suit (like this one or this one) is a great substitute for a body suit! And just like that, you’ve doubled your summer wardrobe.