Goodbye Minimalism

October 09, 2017

The Chriselle Factor

Okay, so I’ll always be a minimalist at heart when it comes to certain things in fashion. But right now, I’m ALL about stacking my jewelry to create a bold look. My OG followers will remember when I wouldn’t even walk out of the house without some epic arm candy, but since then, I have definitely toned it down — especially after having Chloe! I didn’t want her tugging or scratching herself! There was even a period of time where I was afraid to wear my wedding ring because I didn’t want to accidentally hurt her! Now that she’s gotten a little older, and stacking is back in- I’m taking full advantage! I wanted to give a huge thanks to LAGOS for these amazing timeless pieces that look just as good on their own as they do together! When it comes to stacking jewelry, I have a few rules that I follow: 1.  Don’t be Afraid to Mix Being matchy-matchy is awesome, but so is mixing things up! I love the mix of gold and black beads, so I’ll switch it up sometimes to add a different visual depth to my look. The tip to mixing is to make sure that you mix warm tones with cool tones so that they don’t seem to overpower each other. 2. Give Character Just like mixing textures in an outfit, I love to mix textures with my jewelry! If you’re doing an arm stack, look for pieces with different designs, textures, and widths to add some dimension! 3. Pick a Focus If I’m wearing an arm stack, I’ll keep the rest of my jewelry pretty minimal. Or, if I’m wearing statement earrings and a necklace, I won’t do an arm stack. Picking a focus helps keep everything visually streamlined and chic!