Apps and iPhone Hacks you Need for 2018

January 10, 2018

The Chriselle Factor

I pretty much have my entire life on my phone, so I’m always searching for new apps to help organize my life! The CINCteam and I put our heads together and came up with the list of the best apps and iPhone hacks you need to organize and maximize 2018! Money Money is always tricky, especially when it comes to managing a family. No matter how many accounts you have, whether you have kids or not, being on top of your finances is a win for everyone! These two apps are loved and used by everyone in the office: 1. Venmo I’m sure I’ve talked about this app before, and trust me when I say I don’t know how I lived without it! Hooked up to your bank account, this app is an easy and safe way to transfer money between friends or coworkers. Splitting the check has never been so easy and you generally see that payment transfer in your bank account the very next day!  Talk about speedy! 2. Acorns Acorns is basically an app that invests your spare change into stocks! Say you spend $3.50 on coffee – the app will round up to the nearest dollar and invest it! This app was introduced to me by one of the girls on the CINCTeam, and just from round-ups, she’s gotten over $200! Photos -add space break-  As much as I love my nice Leica camera – my iPhoneX takes some really great photos but when it comes to the photography apps I use- there’s a long list. Of course, there are the staples like vsco or snapseed but these are some of my other favorites: 1. UNUM This app is great for planning your Instagram feed! You can pre-load captions, and easily move photos around to see what looks best. If you’re super into making your feed look