All The Ways to Love Yourself This Month

February 06, 2018

The Chriselle Factor

Hey Everyone! It’s Jane!  If you’re not too familiar with who I am, I’m the Editorial Director here at The Chriselle Factor.  I’m responsible for managing the website, being on set to produce content, and creating the emails, to name a few. I’m from the Bay Area but moved to LA 9 years ago (hence the reason why R&B is my favorite genre of music. Yes, you can 100% thank the Bay for that). To sum it up, I asked some friends to help describe me to you and they agreed that I am like “your sassy older sister who keeps it real and encourages a laugh along the way.”  I’ve been on the CINC Team for over a year now and couldn’t be any happier/thankful to be a part of something so great. I’m a firm believer in self-love and taking care of myself (mind, body and soul) so you KNOW how excited I was when Chriselle asked me to write this piece.  Side note: in conjunction with my excitement, I feel simultaneously nervous about putting myself out there but it’s 2018 so I hope you guys are here for it.   February is officially in motion so let’s talk about that one thing that’s running through everyone’s minds this month: L-O-V-E.  The 14th of this month marks: a). plenty of opportunities to get showered with gifts, flowers, chocolates and champs OR b). singles awareness day Whether you’re currently in a relationship, married, single, newly single, kind of seeing someone, or in-between Tinder and Bumble dating apps… this post will fit any type of relationship you’re in because there’s a universal thing we all have in common: self-love. If there’s one day to completely indulge in 100% guilt-free pampering, it’s today.  Trust me, I’m an expert at treating myself, even on non-holidays (you can ask my boyfriend Cam). Here are all the ways the CINC Team plan to maximize being in full-on pamper mode come Valentine’s Day because as we all know, there are more than a few ways to love/treat yourself like a straight up QUEEN