March 28, 2019

Style Scrapbook

One of my most favourite styling tips is something that I have been doing for years but I have never openly talked about. You guys already know that I am tall, so by default I’ve always been “forced” to look into trying bigger sizes in coats and jacket simply because my torso is quite long and I hate when things are too short on me. This experimentation throughout the years has made me come to the realisation that going one size up (and sometimes two) in coats and jackets can really make a HUGE difference in how the garment looks. My research is conclusive! Going one size up will make your coats and jackets look more expensive and most importantly, WAY more chic. For instance, this coat on the picture  is actually 3 sizes bigger than I would normally take but I realised as I was trying it that the bigger I went, the cooler it looked. I guess its a preference thing but whenever you go coat shopping next, try it! You might find that you will never shop for a coat in your size again ;) MY ULTIMATE LIST FOR VINTAGE SHOPPING IN AMSTERDAMREAL TALK; THE PRODUCTS THAT CLEARED MY SKIN ONCE…3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE DETOX DIARYMY FIRST WEEK OF 2019 AND WHY I DECIDED TO START MEDITATING