November 30, 2017

Style Scrapbook

I’M WEARING  >>  Sneakers: Reebok Freestyle Hi Satin Bow  |  Skirt: American Apparel  |  Jacket: Coach As my sneaker collection keeps growing, I can’t help but to feel most inclined towards collecting sneakers that look a little bit more retro. I don’t know what it is about the retro revival, but it seems like vintage looking pieces really add on a “cool factor” to a look. Wether it is shoes, clothes or bags, I sometimes prefer a hundred times over to own pieces that have a little more character and retro pieces really add that to the equation. I remember having a pair of Reebok Freestyles when I was a kid and not wanting to take them off. I was a sporty kid and I spent my time between basketball and track and field trainings, so sneakers were my uniform sort of speak. Fast forward many years and I find myself moving from sneakers as a kid, to high heels for half of a decade, back to sneakers recently. I realised that as much as I love the thought of high heels, the pain is just not worth it sometimes, so finding cool kicks has been absolutely essential. 55TH STREETOVERLOADFLARE99 ONLY g