December 04, 2018

Style Scrapbook

It wont be a surprise to you that Alexander Wang has been one of my favourite designers ever since I started the blog. At some point, I became so obsessed with his collections that I started trying to DIY everything from his shows, not to mention I literally jumped for joy when they announced his collaboration with H&M in 2014 and most recently, his collaboration with UNIQLO, launching the chic’est thermals (HEATTECH) I have ever worn. A lot of people in the industry say that he is a one trick pony and if that is so, boy do I love his trick. Honestly, he can do androgynous like no other and you know I love my masculine inspired garments. Alexander is a rebel, he does him, he dances to the rhythm of his own tune and that works for me. Last season, he completely went off schedule showing his collection in June, -as opposed to everyone else waiting until Fashion Week season in September-. This season was no different and he showed his AW 2019 collection in NYC two days ago. Something about it screams “Chanel Gone Rebel”, with the mixture of the tweed, hardware and leather, yet my favourite looks are the ones that were to be expected from him; the good old masculine inspired looks. A combination of oversized button down shirts as dresses, structured blazers, updated denim and a very classic AW color palette that is to die for. I love these pieces so much, they are triggering me to start DYI’ing again. Should I? REAL TALK; THE PRODUCTS THAT CLEARED MY SKIN ONCE…3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE DETOX DIARY11 YEARS OF STYLESCRAPBOOKMY TOP TRICKS & PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHIER HAIR