March 31, 2019

Style Scrapbook

I’M WEARING  >> Pants: Custom-made  |  Boots: Western Outfitters in Williams Arizona  |  Tee: Pull & Bear  |  Bag: Moschino So happy that I have been able to serve you some lewks from Mexico city every day on the blog since I arrived. You saw it here first baby! This look is one of my absolute favourites because of that touch of Rock n’ Roll meets 70’s. I get questions about these pants all the time and the truth is that my seamstress back home in Mexico made them for me. I brought her my favourite pair of black flare pants and asked her to copy those, but make the flare more dramatic and MOST IMPORTANTLY, make them as long as possible. I have BIG surprise for you guys if you are also into these type of pants, but you will just have to wait a little longer for the reveal. In the meantime; I hope you had a KICK ASS WEEKEND! THE BEST BANANA OAT PANCAKES RECIPE, BECAUSE YOU…THE COOLEST AFFORDABLE JEWELLERY BRANDS, YOU NEED TO…THE CAMEL SUIT AND WHY YOU SHOULD WEAR WHAT YOU LIKEHOW TO WEAR THE PUFFER JACKET TREND