December 04, 2017

Style Scrapbook

I’M WEARING  >>  Patent leather pants: H&M Trend  |  Coat: Sportmax  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Loafers: Gucci  |  T-shirt: Anita de Groot Patent leather pants are not only a great way to stay warm, but they’re also the perfect garment to give your look that “WOW” factor. They are a little tricky to wear though, as they could very easily fall into looking slightly tacky. I thought about these pants for a while and I was quite skeptical, until I realised all the ways that I could wear them and then I got excited! I am yet to experiment with other looks, but on this one I wanted to mix it up with a really oversized and colourful coat, layer with a vintage blazer and a t-shirt and pair it with my favourite loafers. Personally, I think these pants would look just as cool with a sweatshirt and sneakers though! Do you have patent leather pants? How do you style them? I am curious to know!   3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE DETOX DIARYNEW KICKS ON THE BLOCKMY TOP TRICKS & PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHIER HAIRPLAYGROUND TOTAL BODY WORKOUT g