January 09, 2018

Style Scrapbook

I’M WEARING  >>  Houndstooth Pants: ZARA  |  T-shirt: Brandy Melville |  Blazer: Purificacion Garcia  |  Bag: JW Anderson Here is another great example of how to dress down a suit, in this case, a houndstooth suit. This isn’t a match per se, since the pants and blazer are from completely different brands, but I still wanted to wear them together. I am not sure if you are with me on this one, but I have been 100% more inclined to wear high waisted pants in the past couple of years. Those days when I used to wear low rise jeans and had to pull them up every 10 steps, seem so far behind now. I used to find it so annoying!!! In fact, I did a small closet clean-out last weekend and all those low rise pants ended up in the “go” pile. These pants are so so so cool, I will give the fabric a little credit, but there are a couple of elements that I love about them; The style, the high rise, the buttons, the front slits, plus they make butts look really good, so they are winners in my opinion! g