April 22, 2018

Style Scrapbook

I’M WEARING  >>  Leggings: ZARA  |  Boots: Senso  |  Sweater: Ganni  |  Jacket: H&M Studio If you have watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” one too many times, you will understand the title. But seriously, Spring started a little cold over here until a couple of days ago, so since we were lacking on heat for a while (and probably will again starting next week), I have been trying to wear as bright/floral/cheerful clothes as possible. I found these leggings on the ZARA sale in Miami and I grabbed them in a heart beat. I remember having a pair just like this when I was a kid, with the elastics on the foot and all, although they were on pastel colours but I swear they were almost identical. It’s no surprise how trends keep recycling on a loop. One season its the 60’s, then the 70’s, 80’s and so on, but what I am highly surprised is how the 90’s style managed to also make their way back. I remember growing up in the 90’s, raising a Tamagotchi (that died one too many times), playing in the garden until dusk and listening to CD’s on my Disc-man all day. I have fond memories of the 90’s, in fact I have AMAZING memories of the 90’s, but what I also remember clearly, is that the 90’s were the weakest decade in terms of fashion. With that said, I honestly didn’t see the fact that the 90’s fashion would make a comeback and in such a BIG way. I never saw myself wearing these type of pants past the age of 12, yet here I am. What you probably won’t catch me wearing though (I have made a solemn promise to myself), is bucket hats. I still firmly say no to that. What is the trend you hate the most from the 90’s? I am curious!