Valentine’s Day Florals

February 13, 2018

Style Me Grasie

Valentine Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and with that I wanted to take the time to shout out my Valentine. Damien and I have been together for over 10 years! Married for almost 5. Can you believe that? It feels like just yesterday we started dating. Speaking of…want to hear about our first date? Damien was living in NY and I was already here in LA. We had meet years earlier at MTV, when we we’re both in NY. He was coming to town and we decided to meet up for dinner. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Carmen. There are no good Mexican spots in NY, so I wanted to impress him…lol. We sat at the corner table and after two margaritas and a couple of pineapple tequila shots, we were in love. If I’m being honest, we were probably in love before all the booze intake, but that tequila sure made things extra fun! And then, well, the rest is history. So this V-day, we are keeping things chill and heading to El Carmen to celebrate 10 years together. Whether your attached or single, I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow. Don’t get caught up in the commercial stuff and instead celebrate love. Every bit of love in your life (love of friends, pets, family) is worth celebrating. Happy Valentine’s Day! H&M floral pants // Finders Keepers top // Topshop heels (similar) Turn on your JavaScript to view content Photography by Allen Daniel Also on Style Me Grasielady in redfloral pants and stripesstyle me wants : summer trendstropical trousers