Super High Denim

February 17, 2018

Style Me Grasie

super high denim - GRASIE MERCEDES Happy Saturday! What are your weekend plans? I plan on wearing these super high denim jeans from Topshop all weekend long. Why not? I love denim and it’s pretty much all I wear anyway. But what are my real plans? Well, I’m headed to a brunch today, then tonight a concert. Tomorrow I think Damien and I might head to our favorite restaurant in Manhattan Beach! Follow along on Insta Stories and have a great weekend! Topshop jeans + bodysuit // H&M blazer // The Wolf Gang purse // Zara boots Turn on your JavaScript to view content Photography by Allen Daniel Also on Style Me Grasiestyle me wants : work out wearsilver metallic goodnessMulticoloreddenim patchesEdit Related Posts