striped pants + mj

May 08, 2017

Style Me Grasie

striped pants + mj - STYLE ME GRASIE Two things I’m obsessed with? Stripes and Michael Jackson. So naturally this outfit is a new favorite. I paired it with heels from Topshop, that just so happen to match my striped pants perfectly. Score! I’ve talked about my obsession with stripes before. It’s a real “problem” and I’m aware. I probably own 10-15 striped tops, about 5 striped bottoms and maybe 3 striped dresses! But as bad as my obsession with stripes is, my obsession with MJ is way worst. He has been my number one since I was a child. I cried so hard when he passed away and it still makes me sad. Luckily, he lives forever in his music and I can wear him, whenever I want. So, there’s two things about me, what else you want to know?