I Took A Break To Reexamine Things

September 11, 2018

Style Me Grasie

A Break - GRASIE MERCEDES Photography by Azusa Takano Shop The Post Turn on your JavaScript to view content It’s been a few weeks since I posted something new and that’s because I took a break. I wanted to step back and reexamine things, work, life, without the pressure of producing scheduled content. What I learned is that I want to strive for quality over quantity. Posts that will still have pretty photos of what I’m wearing but also share more of me. Stories, life lessons and personal essays that share more than just shopping links. With that, I will be posting less. A lot less. I used to strive for at least three posts a week and that was hard to maintain. I will now be posting when the mood strikes or when I have something to share. If I had to guess, I would say 2-4 posts a month. But I will be on Instagram daily and that’s where I’ll announce new blog posts, so if you haven’t already, please follow me there: @grasiemercedes. Why the change? Well, I’m 40 now and I feel like I’m entering a new chapter of my life. Call it a mid-life crisis of sorts. I want to focus more of my time and energy to acting, writing and even directing! I still love having a blog and I still love fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel so this isn’t going to stop. I’m just pulling back on it a bit and I hope you understand. Plus, I’m still on the baby-making train, dealing with fertility and my health. I’ll share more of that as well. For now, enjoy these photos from a feature that just went live today on Carpe Creative! Here I talk more about my future plans, my thoughts on the entertainment business and more. Check it out and let me know what you think. Finally, thank you for sticking around. Thank you for caring and thank you for your patience. xo Shop The Post Turn on your JavaScript to view content Also on Style Me GrasieEgg Day at LA Shorts FestEGG DAY TrailerPolo Power SuitAT&T commercial