father’s daughter

May 15, 2017

Style Me Grasie

father Happy Monday! Today I want to introduce you to Father’s Daughter, a collaboration between father Jim Kim and daughter Su Kim, to make beautiful clothes right here in Los Angeles. I love introducing my readers to independent brands making a name for themselves. At a time when disposable fashion is all the rage (I’m definitely guilty of it!), it’s nice to learn about designers who care about quality design. Quality over quantity and an attention to detail to create beautiful pieces. I love this top and these shorts and wanted to share this… Father’s Daughter is offering 20% off your purchase when you use the code FDBlogger at checkout. So YAY! Have a great week! Father’s Daughter top + shorts // Converse sneakers Photography by Allen Daniel Also on Style Me Grasielong wool coat weatherginghamfloral pink dressbodysuit