the grasie guide : maré

May 18, 2017

Style Me Grasie

Mare Silverlake - The Grasie Guide - STYLE ME GRASIE The “Feria de Jalisco Tequila” Cocktail Saffron Rice Balls “Crudité of Vegetables” Plate with Market Vegetables, Almond Romesco and House Ranch Bread + Nuts Shellfish (Shrimp) with Spicy Sausage Romesco, Buttery Pasta, and a Soft-Boiled Egg Maré is Chef Eric Greenspan’s third spot in Los Angeles, located on Hyperion in Silverlake. Along with their airy interior and delicious European-style seafood and cocktails, Maré is the perfect place for a romantic date night or dinner with friends. It is also right next door to The Friend bar, which we covered in last week’s Grasie Guide. I recently stopped in for dinner and everything we ordered was delicious! It’s a small menu with lots of highlights. To drink, I had what might be my favorite cocktail for summer, the “Feria de Jalisco”, which is made with tequila, muddled strawberries and basil…yum! For dinner, every table is greeted with warm, complimentary bread and nuts (why is bread so delicious?!).  We started our meal with the “Saffron Rice Balls” and the “Crudite of Vegetables,” which was a beautiful array of fresh vegetables and sauces. Our main dish was a build-your-own shellfish dish, where you pick the type of shellfish (clams, black mussels, or shrimp) and the type of broth you want to create the dish. It also comes with a side of buttery pasta and a soft-boiled egg. We went with the shrimp and the “Spicy Sausage Romesco” broth, and it was amazing! This shellfish dish is Maré’s signature and should not be missed. Overall, Maré is a new local favorite (I’ve been there 4 times already!) and definitely Grasie approved. MARÉ 2609 HYPERION AVE. LOS ANGELES, CA 90027 SILVERLAKE OPEN SUN – WED (5 PM – 11 PM) THURS – SAT (5 PM – 2 AM) @MARERESTAURANT Photography by Sylvia G Also on Style Me Grasiethe grasie guide : the friendthe grasie guide : bar angelesthe grasie guide : L&E oyster bar brunchthe grasie guide : fat dragon