Why I was in France for Menswear…

July 02, 2018

Song of Style

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, talks about her recent trip to Paris to see the Louis Vuitton and Dior Homme shows of Spring/Summer 2019. I was just in Paris for the cruise show 2 weeks ago and I am back again to attend the men’s show. I’m in Paris so often that it’s like I’ve never left. Not going to lie, I am a little tired from the extensive traveling and I almost skipped this trip to rest. But I knew I couldn’t miss this season because it is the Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones’ debut collections for Louis Vuitton and Dior respectively. If you have not been following fashion news, this is a big deal because Kim Jones used to be the creative director at Louis Vuitton men and Virgil Abloh is the designer of the brand Off-White. These two collections were highly anticipated by everyone in the industry!First off is the Louis Vuitton show. I wore head-to-toe Louis Vuitton including the iconic Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneakers (similar here and here) and Louis Vuitton square bag. To pull the blue together in my shoes I wore Louis Vuitton blue pants (similar here and affordable version here) and a Louis Vuitton white sweater (similar here and affordable version here). This is one of the most talked about shows this season. There were a lot of controversies surrounding Virgil Abloh being appointed because 1) he is the third black creative director at a major fashion house and 2) he did not come from a traditional fashion design background (he talked about it during my interview with him). Turn on your JavaScript to view content The show was really emotional and heart-warming because Virgil shed a tear at the end of the show. It was an, “I’ve made it,” moment for him. His success goes to show that you don’t need a fancy design degree nor to come from a privileged background to make it in the fashion industry. Also, I love that Virgil used this new platform to promote diversity. The cast was predominantly people of color and there was a show note with a map that showed the models and their parents’ birthplace. Other than the celebrities and fashion elites, Virgil also invited 1,500 design students to the show and to me that’s an incredible move to show inclusiveness. Before the next show, I have some time to explore Pairs. I wore a Rag & Bone plaid blazer (similar here and here and affordable version here) and of course my staple GRLFRND distressed denim jeans (similar here and here). To make the blazer more structured over my Two Songs t-shirt I decided to used a Brighton belt (similar here and affordable version here). Walking around Paris is tiring (not going to lie), but I made it a comfy walk in my Chanel slingback flats (similar here and here). You guys know I didn’t forget my Quay black oval sunglasses during the day. They’re so Parisian chic. But by night I transformed the look without anything underneath to make this outfit more daring and used a different pair of Quay black microsunglasses (affordable version here). Since I was in town for the Louis Vuitton, I had to pay homage to the designer by using my Louis Vuitton square bag. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Next up is Dior Homme. Everything I wore was from Dior. But I especially loved these Dior chunky thigh-high boots (similar here and affordable version here) and Dior grey blazer (similar here and here and affordable version here). This Dior pleated skirt (similar here and affordable version here) made me get school girl vibes. I was totally channeling my inner Britney Spears a lá Hit Me Baby One More Time. Turn on your JavaScript to view content The color of the show was mainly pastel colors as it’s the Spring collection. The light colors and sheer details of each look made the collection effortless. The first look was modeled by Prince Nikolai of Denmark and set the tone for a glamorous collection. However, I loved that Jones brought streetwear alive with classic Dior roses used as graphics on shirts. But don’t worry he also appealed to business men with clean lines in the suiting details. I can’t believe this is only his first collection as it shows there will be more brilliant designs to come. I have to say I am obsessed with the accessories I saw at the show, especially the new clear sneakers with Dior canvas inside. Jones gave the classic, structured suits a modern edge when he paired the sneakers with them. It’s gonna be a while until I can get my hands on these sneakers, but I will just be wearing my high-top Converse for now. Then I have to stop by Pink Mamma, one of my favorite restaurant in Paris for lunch. Last time I was here I was with my team! I like the vibes at this place and especially how food mixes with art here since every wall is covered in paintings, drawings, and sketches.