We Tested Out Facial Rollers and These Were the Results….

June 01, 2018

Song of Style

Here at Song of Style, I had the girls on my team and I try out the newest skin trend… facial rollers! I’ve been using a jade roller and wanted to hear their thoughts on new facial rolling devices. Below are the details on this little experiment. The Two Devices : Jade Roller and Nuface Price of the Devices: $45 and $200-350 respectively How it Works: Facial rollers are used to decrease puffiness and slim your face. A jade roller is a handheld device that you use to roll your skin in an upward direction with firm pressure. Nuface is a battery powered device that uses micro current technology to lift, firm, and visibly reduce wrinkles. Nuface requires gel while a jade roller does not. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Aimee Skin Type: Sensitive Skin Concerns: Puffiness of Face in the Morning Jade Roller: I think the jade roller was easy to use and the most affordable. I see a difference when I use it the morning after late night snacks and/or salty food. It visibly reduced puffiness in my face for a quick, effective fix. Nuface: When I first started Nuface I didn’t use enough gel so there was a lot of tingling. I didn’t notice an immediate difference, but after consistent use for three days my skin was firmer, I had more volume in my face, and I looked less tired. Personally, I think this is a long, tedious process, but the commitment can pay off since I saw results after just a couple uses. Would You Recommend The Products: I would recommend the jade roller to anyone. Nuface is great for anyone with more mature skin that are looking for improved skin elasticity. Sophia: Skin Type: Combination Skin with Mainly Oil on the Forehead and Dry Everywhere Else Skin Concerns: Puffiness of Face Jade Roller: I leave my jade roller out of the fridge and let it be room temperature. Every morning I use it because it doesn’t take a lot of work, but there is no difference in appearance. However, I will say it feels so good and before this my lymph node area used to be tight and after rolling it, it would feel better. Nuface: I really wanted this device to work, but I don’t really see any difference. I don’t tend to gravitate towards anything with a lot of prep because I don’t have time. But after seeing no results, I don’t use it. Would You Recommend The Products: I would recommend the jade roller because I can just use it while watching tv and it helped massaged my lymph node area. Laura: Skin Type: Sensitive, Fair, Combination Skin Skin Concerns: Fine Lines and Toning Jade Roller: I don’t get puffy eyes, but I used the jade roller on my jawline. I think it kind of made a difference? I’m not too sure. To be honest, I don’t think it’s the best on the market. Nuface: After washing my face, I would use the provided gel and feel Nuface working. I do recommend that if you have sensitive skin, this gel can break you out so use aloe gel instead.  I noticed a difference in my jawline being more defined and my cheekbones more prominent. Even my friend said my jawline looked, “cut.” Would You Recommend The Products: I was not a fan of the jade roller. I don’t have puffiness so I do not recommend it if you want toning or a lifted appearance. I would 100% recommend Nuface because I got better results with consistent use. Kathleen: Skin Type: Combination Skin Skin Concerns: Puffiness and Improved Texture Jade Roller: I think you need to use the jade roller consistently to see a difference, but I put mine in the fridge before use and it cooled down my puffy eyes when I was having an allergic reaction. Needless to say, this tiny tool is very useful when needed. Nuface: Laura tried the Nuface before me and scared me when she said the gel from it makes you break out. I have sensitive skin, so I opted to only use it once. It was a weird feeling because Nuface used micro currents to lift and tone your face, but it was a cool experience and I recommend trying it. You could feel it working. Would You Recommend The Products: I think I would recommend the jade roller because its more affordable and easier to use. Plus, it helped allergic reaction.