Need workout gear? Try these pieces.

June 17, 2018

Song of Style

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, shares workout gear you need this summer 2018 season to get you motivated to exercise! Traveling to Europe hasn’t given me a lot of time to work out. Recently, I’ve been packing three gym outfits and lightweight resistance bands to motivate me to get my booty to the hotel gym. I get it can be hard for everyone to find some motivation and sometimes you just need some new workout gear to inspire you. Below is workout clothing I would wear to motivate me to push myself harder than before. Also, I included some workout gear that I use. I realize not everyone is going to use it, but this is just what works best for me when I’m at home or at a hotel and can’t make it to a studio. Workout Clothing 1. Alo High Wasited Leggings: It’s easier to go to your work out when you look cute. These leggings are perfect for high intensity workouts like kickboxing or even slow movement work outs like pilates. 2. Nike Pro Indy Sports Bra: Going on a hike and want a sports bra with a cute back detail? Then this low-impact bra is your answer. It’s also perfect for yoga! 3. Nike Running Shoes: I like how lightweight these shoes are yet very sleek. They are definitely a good shoe for training at the gym or for a boxing class. 4. Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoes: These are the pair of shoes I wear not only working out, but to my office with a skirt. They’re comfortable and cool enough to transition into your regular day wear. 5. Adidas x Alexander Wang T-shirt: Durable fabric meets high fashion with this fitness t-shirt. It’s breathable making it ideal for any weight lifting you need to get done. 6. Alo Flex Tank: This tank is lightweight and you can show off a cool sports bra underneath it. 7. LNDR Sports Bra: I like my sport bras to be functional and cool. This one is high neck so I know it will be good for high impact work outs. Workout Gear 1. My Bevi Water Bottle: Out of all the water bottle on the market, this may be the best one. I like how it’s 32 oz so that I don’t have to keep refilling it. Plus it comes in a variety of colors. 2. Incline Mat: Even if you work out at home, having a yoga mat on hand is a must. Opt for a mat that is thick. That little bit of extra padding makes a hug difference when it comes to comfort. 3. Resistance Bands: Resistance bands make all the difference when it comes to booty exercises. Since they’re lightweight, I can easily pack them to use when I travel. Get toned up this summer just by using these for daily squats morning, noon, or night. 4. Sculpting Weights: For me, my arms are my weakest. These definitely help strengthen my arm muscles. You can use them at night or in the morning for 10-15 minutes and you will see a difference. 5. KOS Organic Protein Powder: Since I don’t eat meat, I need protein to build muscle. I chose this powder specifically because it is plant based and is organic. The chocolate flavor makes it a treat for me after my work out. Turn on your JavaScript to view content