Heart-Shaped Earrings are Officially the Next Big Thing

October 29, 2018

Song of Style

Heart-shaped earrings are definitely the next huge trend in jewelry. As you guys know, I love shell-inspired jewelry and gold pendant necklaces. I’m so excited to wear the heart-shaped earring trend as well, because this trend is so feminine and sophisticated. Plus, the heart is an unexpected shape, and adds a little something unique to even the most casual look. I’ve selected my favorites below for you to choose from: 1. Kate Spade Dangling Rhinestone Heart Earrings 2. Etsy Pearl Hoop Earrings 3. Brinker and Eliza Mother of Pearl Pink and White Heart Earrings 4. Brinker and Eliza Blue Abalone Heart Earrings 5. Brinker and Eliza Asymmetrical Gemstone Heart Earrings 6. Brinker and Eliza Gold Heart Drop Earrings 7. Faux Tortoise Shell Heart Earrings 8. Oscar de la Renta Red Bead and Rhinestone Embellished Heart Earrings 9. Target Gold and Pearl Heart Earrings (Only $6!) 10. Urban Outfitters Vintage-Inspired Heart Earrings 11. Kate Spade Gold Heart Hoop-Style Earrings Also, if you’re looking for more jewelry options, check out my personalized gold jewelry guide here and my pearl earrings guide here. Turn on your JavaScript to view content