Friday Favorites: How to (Try to) be a Parisian Cool Girl

June 08, 2018

Song of Style

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, shares her Friday favorites and how to (try to) be a Parisian cool girl while traveling around Europe. Whenever I go to Europe, I always get inspired by the art, the architecture and the people. In this edition of Friday favorites, I am going to show you what I wore around Europe that made me feel like a local.1. With Jéan Green Dress (similar here): So many of you commented on my Instagram about this With Jéan green dress (similar here). The brand is a small, Australian brand that two friends started. What better place to wear this romantic dress than around Europe?2. Black Blazer: If you ever need to dress up jeans, a black blazer amplifies your entire outfit. Try it this summer and you can even throw it over a dress for work.3. Muuñ Basket Bag (affordable version here): Remember when I featured this bag in my shopping guide on basket bags? Of course when in Paris I had to incorporate the summer trend. This Muuñ basket bag (affordable version here) was great while going to flea markets giving me the ultimate Parisian summer vibes.4. Chanel Slingback Flats (similar here and affordable here): Chanel slingback flats (similar here and affordable here) are a staple for me. Whenever I want to look chic without sacrificing comfort, I immediately grab these.5. Seashell Necklace: A couple days ago I did a post all about beach-inspired jewelry. This seashell necklace is a great layering piece with my Chloé initial necklace (similar here) and Chloé feminities necklace. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Sophia: I’m currently having the worst allergic reaction on my face and my skin is extremely sensitive and dry (it’s peeling and red). This Biafine cream is the only cream that is hydrating and gentle enough for me to put on my face. I highly recommend this for anyone with dry and sensitive skin. Laura: I bought this GRLFRND denim skirt and have been wearing it nonstop. I like the a-line fit and that for once I’m not wearing denim shorts. Kathleen: This rose necklace has been a key layering staple for my everyday jewelry. I got it two weeks ago and haven’t taken it off since. Turn on your JavaScript to view content