For those that have been wondering what camera I use….

June 27, 2018

Song of Style

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, give you her tech guide on everything you need to know from cameras to use, phone accessories you have to have, and other accessories. When it comes to technology shopping it seems like things can either go two ways, functional or cute. While cameras for professional photography or videography of course fall under the functional category, it’s necessary tech accessories compensate for the functionality. I get so many questions about the camera I use for Instagram, Youtube, and my site. So I will be talking about all that and everything else technology. Cameras: 1. Sony Alpha A7S: This is my go-to for blog phots and style by number videos. I use a 28mm lens for outfit photos and a 50mm lens for filming or taking beauty shots. Our video editor Kat has the newer version, the Sony a7iii and she recommends that for anyone who wants to focus on video filming. 2. Canon G7X: This is what I use for my vlog when I am traveling because it is so compact and easy to carry. What I like about it is that you can flip the screen and see yourself. 3. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera: I love the color and the tone of Instax photos. Make sure you get the film to go along with it. If you are feeling fancy, check out this newer hybrid version, you can take photos on the camera and choose which one you want to print out. 4. Fujifilm Disposable Camera: Film camera is making a come back. Although they take more work, film photos just give off a color that VSCO can’t replicate. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Laptop Accessories: 1. Incase Laptop Sleeve: Want to transport your laptop safely from place to place? Then I definitely recommend a laptop sleeve. 2. Mosiso Hard Laptop Shell: For a sleeker look, this laptop shell is the way to go. It protects your expensive equipment while still showing off the finish of your laptop. 3. Clare V Flat Clutch: This clutch is made to fit a laptop however you can use it as an organized way to carry tech accessories. It’s great for traveling too. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Phone Accessories: 1. Pop Sockets: These little guys are great for gripping your phone making it way easier to text or take selfies. I also use mine as a stand for when I watch a youtube video tutorial. 2. Ravpower Portable Charger: Whether I’m traveling, at a festival, or know I have a long day, I grab this charger on my way out the door. This one can charge three iPhones at once which means I know once it’s fully charged, I can use it multiple times without having to recharge it. 3. tde. Monogrammed Phone Cases: The daily edited or, tde., are top-notch leather phone cases that are personalized. I use one on my phone and I like that this brand’s cases are thin, but that you can drop your phone and nothing happens to it. 4. Lightning iPhone Charger: You know how the iPhone charging cord always breaks? Well, this cord doesn’t plus it’s cute. So why settle for one that will break again? This cord is the solution. Turn on your JavaScript to view content Other Necessities: 1. Airpods: I just bought these wireless headphones. They connect to any Apple product and pause automatically when removed from your ear making podcast listening a breeze. 2. Sonos Play:1: Quality sound from a compact device is what you get with this speaker. This is at the SOS office and my house because it is the best speaker around. I’ll be blasting Beyonce’s new album on it this week. 3. SRL Selfie Ring Light: This portable ring light easily clips to your phone and can be used for way more than just taking selfies in poor lighting. You can use it on instastories or as a light when doing your makeup on the go (using you phone as a mirror of course). 4. Kodak Printomatic Instant Digital Camera: This is a fun add-on to your smart phone to print photos out immediately after captured. Turn on your JavaScript to view content