Beach Inspired and Shell Jewelry is Cool Again

June 06, 2018

Song of Style

Turn on your JavaScript to view content It seems the beach provides inspiration for many designers during the summer season.  For example, Isabel Marant features dainty shell earrings that scream Malibu local. Even Loewe’s shell drop earrings prove that sometimes you need an edgy asymmetrical look to make shells that much more interesting. Either way, shells provide some of the most inspiring work for designers. With beach inspired jewelry becoming cool again, I’ve selected my top picks to look like a chic mermaid (every girl’s dream!).1. Albus Lumen x Ryan Storer Shell Drop Earrings 2. LOEWE Shell Drop Earrings 3. Isabel Marant Shell Earrings 4. Blanca Monros Gomez Shell Bracelet 5. Isabel Marant Shell Necklace (affordable here) 6. Etsy Shark Tooth Necklace 7. Beck Pearl Le Margherite Earrings 8. Amazon Scallop Necklace