Aimee on a Budget: Finding Summer Outfits at H&M and Uniqlo

July 03, 2018

Song of Style

Jared, my best friend, was in town and able to help me with my shopping budget at the mall. We may have been a little distracted by other stores, but we finally made it to our destinations, H&M and Uniqlo. Here’s what I got: 1. H&M Patterned Blouse (kimono version here) 2. H&M Patterned Pants (similar here and shorts version here) 3. Uniqlo V Neck Cardigan (crewneck version here and affordable version here) 4. Uniqlo Belted Pants (striped version here and affordable version here) Turn on your JavaScript to view content Out of the four items I bought, I ended up really liking the H&M matching set so I wore it 2 weeks later in L.A. I’m so into the matching set trend right now. So much so that I went online and looked for more similar options for you guys. Let me know which set is your favorite out of all these options!1. LPA Tie Front Top 2. LPA Tie Front Pants 3. H&M Green Stripe Shirt 4. H&M Green Stripe Pants 5. H&M lilac silk blouse 6. H&M Lilac Pants 7. H&M Patterned Jersey Top 8. H&M Patterned Paperbag Pants