8 Beauty Brands You Probably Have Never Heard Of

February 03, 2019

Song of Style

I love skincare but I think Now we’re drawing the spotlight to these promising under the radar beauty brands that actually deliver results. Biba is an A-list esthetician that I have been visiting for the past few months. After just 2 visits, I saw a huge difference in my skin. Her treatments really helped with calming down my skin, especially when I have eczema flare-ups. Biba Beauty is Biba’s own skincare line and also the products she uses on me. My favorite product is the Organic Makeup Remover, which is a fragrant blend of essential oils that doubles as a bath oil. Another favorite of mine is the Onerta Hand and Body Lotion, it’s packed with omega 6 that keeps the skin hydrated and young. Her products are also priced very reasonably – ranging from $30 – #50. I definitely recommend trying some of her products. I’ve been using Dr. Barbara Sturm’s created a line of skin care that has unique formulas that combine innovative active ingredients and natural extracts. The products may come with a heavy price tag but consumers attested that her line are highly effective and provides instant results. Try the Hyaluronic Serum if you’re looking for a boost of hydration this winter. Tulura is trying to redefine beauty products by sourcing natural and functional ingredients. Our favorite from this line is the Botanical Facial oil, it has a very thick consistency that traps moisture in your skin. This oil is a perfect addition to those with dry skin types Maelove was developed by MIT Graduates with the consumers in mind. They created luxury skincare products that are accessible to all women. The Glow Maker Serum is a crowd favorite, after selling out a couple of times, the $28 brightening and hydrating serum is back on their site. All Good has a diverse product line that provides all-natural products formulated to heal and make you feel better. Their exceptional supply chain reflects their green principles by delivering products that are “good for the people and good for the earth”. We love the All Good Goop which is the ultimate healing balm that soothes chapped lips to calloused hands. Cosrx is a South Korean brand that prides themselves of their well-formulated products. Their focus has always been the high concentration of active ingredients. Their Acne Pimple Patches are a crowd favorite; put them on overnight and expect your zits to shrink if not vanish. Drawing inspiration from the sea, Allison McNamara developed Mara – a line of face oils with algae extracts. Their Algae Retinol Face Oil contains 1.2% retinol that will enhance collagen production for a healthy-looking skin. Try this oil if you’re looking to try out anti-aging face oils. You may have seen these mysterious bottles at your local beauty stores; but did you know that Kypris actually offers 100% natural and nature derived skincare product?  From their product line, we’re loving the Antioxidant Dew that’s packed with 26 active natural ingredients. It’s an intense but lightweight hydrator that you can apply during the day and at night.