Starting line

November 27, 2017

Neon Blush

Neon Blush, Outdoor Voices workout crop top and warmup leggings, 5K run, DTLA Turkey Trot 2017, NVL all black watch, running advice, long distance running, health, healthy lifestyle Outdoor Voices top and warm-up leggings, NVL Studios watch, Under Armour sneakers This past year was crucial in more ways than one. Personally, it was decidedly the most I've worked out, ever. And though I'm not a stranger to fitness (I'd participate in yoga, barre, pilates, and HIIT regularly), running has never been my forte. Sprints, sure, but long distance running? Nah. My brain would get immensely bored, even though I've come to realize that long distance running probably utilizes more will power than the other workouts I normally do... but in any case, I wanted to challenge myself in an area that I knew was good for me, but didn't like. My boyfriend signed me up for a 5K and started training me about 30 days prior to the race. There were many times I'd wanted to cut my runs short (even on race day haha) or give up the idea altogether, but I'm truly glad I persisted (or rather glad I have a persistent boyfriend lol). It's nice knowing that what was once thought nearly impossible is now completely doable, especially with an action plan that works for you. For anyone who's been on the fence about getting into a good running groove, these are a few things that helped me get into it: 1. Get a running buddy. Generally I like doing most things alone, but running with a friend is a good way to keep yourself accountable. If you have it in you, conversing while jogging also helps take your mind off of the dread that sometimes creeps in ;) set your goals and communicate them to each other. 2. If you don't have a buddy at all times, I've found that running equipped with a great playlist, your phone/Nike+ running app (secured in an armband), and wireless headphones, is also just as helpful. Competition gets me stirred up (in a good way) so having the Nike+ app tell me what I'm clocking in at each mile is music to my ears. Additionally, a pumped up playlist always amps me and sets a good tone for working out. It takes my mind off of the hundred other things I would otherwise have going through my mind. Sometimes all you need to finish your run is a good distraction. 3. Set up a plan. Because I wasn't accustomed to long distance running, my boyfriend wanted to start off easy and work our way into running the entire distance all the way through. For example, the first stint of the 10+ days I'd trained, I would run for three minutes, walk one, and repeat until I'd clocked in at least 20 minutes. In the next two or three days, I'd up it by running four minutes, walking one and repeating for again a total of 20 minutes. Each two or three days I was able to lengthen the duration of each interval-- 3 minute runs turned into 10 minute cruises, and soon after they'd become 20, and so forth. Happy to share my complete plan if you are genuinely interested (email me)! 4. It's helpful to have a watch for your plan (above), especially to begin with! I used this NVL Studios Gatekeeper watch to keep track of my minutes. The face is big enough to distinguish between minutes and it's also aesthetically pleasing so you could wear it while exercising or even out just casually. Love the sleek finish and clean lines; also comes in gold. 5. Find a cause you support and stand (read: run) behind it! Having a meaningful cause to train for is more likely to keep you motivated. 6. Find athletic wear that you feel flatters you! This falls lower on the scale of importance, but it matters for some and I think I've definitely grown more inspired to work out after discovering the exact fitness styles that I *love*. Let's be real, working out doesn't feel cute and it's hard to stay motivated with or without the cute sporty attire. For me, jogging or working out in flattering styles from Outdoor Voices (the 'tri-toned yellow', 'desert' and 'santa fe' colors are my favorites) or ultra comfy gear from Under Armour keeps me in the mode. If you feel like this could do the same for you, these might be worth checking out-- this/this/this/this (tops) and this/this/this/this (bottoms). I combed through a ton of athletic wear on Amazon to select the best styles at great prices. 7. I'll be completely candid and admit that sun exposure was a reason why I would stave from running (lol am I morphing into a vampire yet?). I don't like running at night, but running in the mornings would mean that I'd have to apply sunscreen all over (and again after showering!). While I still begrudgingly apply sunscreen on my face, I've found the easiest solution for body screening is to wear clothing that offers UV protection. If you're a skincare nut like me, here is a top that you'll definitely appreciate. 8. Lastly, you have to remember how important it is to take it slow and steady. It's easy to get caught up in wanting to get it over with and go in quick spurts, but you're more likely to burn out that way. Find a good, breathable pace for yourself and stick to it. And just like that, this stubborn non-runner is thinking of completing a 10K and possibly a half-marathon in the near future :)