Risky business

May 01, 2018

Neon Blush

Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, leopard print, animal print, And Other Stories animal print top, wrap top, Brixton women's fiddler cap, fiddler caps, Brixton hats, Acne Studios wool pants, woolen pants, boxy pants, Acne pants, Acne trousers, wool trousers, tomboy style, YOOX, designer clothing, Dr Marten platform boots, platform boots, leather platform boots, Doc Martens, Amazon Fashion, clear vinyl tote bag, CLYDE clear tote, Los Angeles, personal style & Other Stories top, Acne Studios trousers, Dr Marten boots, CLYDE tote bag, Brixton cap Balance reiterated by juxtaposition: a wrap top in a rather playful print paired with a straightforward, boyish trouser, and accessorized with chunky combat boots and an office-appropriate tote bag. What do you get? Something that, at first thought, seems out of the ordinary and maybe even out of place, but actually feels just right after successfully romping around town looking as such.