Penny for your thoughts

January 30, 2018

Neon Blush

Neon Blush, Greylin Collection, dotted dress, dotted print dress, long slit dress, thrifted boxy blazer, Doc Martens, Dr Marten platform boots, platform boots, platform leather boots, oversized earrings, circle earrings, Adornmonde earrings, Carven leather bag, Carven, Carven circle bag thrifted blazer, Greylin dotted dress, Carven bag (similar), Adornmonde earrings, Dr Martens boots A power suit, to me, looks something like this. More often than not, it's a blend of high and low in the literal and figurative sense: a five-dollar thrifted blazer paired with a designer bag, a high slit accompanied by a low-hanging hem, or the juxtaposition between a classic silhouette, a dainty print, and the kind of boots that make airport security do a double take. It is the feeling of discovering your delta, that unique factor that draws from all of your facets and letting that shine.