January 30, 2017

Melissa Araujo

WEARING: Club Monaco Turtleneck, Acne Sweatshirt, H&M Pants, Margiela Cuffs & DIY Clutch. No black, but nonethless a solid monochromatic & neutral look for winter. Carefully curated to keep it simple and comfortable, you can easily swap the heels for sneakers. This past weekend I had a POP UP, I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi, shopped and those who just came out to show support. The life of an independent designer or business isn't glamorous, it is actually hard work and sleepless nights worrying or excited about what you are doing. I've been talking in the past couple of months about my new collection and the new website, I do hope that after months of building up the hype, when M-A finally does go live, you will like it as much as I do. I am launching early February, yikes! I will be sure to announce it here and as well as instagram. Be sure to follow me there too, my handle is @melissa.araujo for live news, insta stories and more. Photos by Carmin Edwards