February 06, 2017

Melissa Araujo

All photos taken with iPhone 6 for my Instagram. Between manically figuring out what needs to be done before the website launch and surviving the winter blues I started realizing that taking a break is always good – though it really doesn’t seem so when the pressure is on. Don't feel guilty that there is still things to get done (there will always be something). All you need in a stressful day - week - month is to take a break. If you are lucky, you can go on a vacation or a weekend away; most of us only have a day or literally a chance for a 15 minute break. For those who can't just take a vacation, I recommend you put aside time for yourself if possible everyday or at least once a week to relax. Reading, listening to something you are interested in, writing down thoughts and feelings in a journal are easy ways to keep stress levels down. Above all breathing and being conscious of your breath. A good candle and aroma therapy helps to relax as well. All of these small habits will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on another day and week. This way, hopefully you won't grow exhausted, overwhelmed or overworked. I do all the above and I am working on my breath awareness. What are your tricks to deal with being busy or stressed?