March 05, 2018

Lovely Pepa

40410192151_68c8b3a0ac_o 0 Flares 0 Flares × When we launched our first set of joggers, we didn’t think they would turn out to be such a great success… Since the launch of Lovely Pepa Collection, we had focused on something more feminine and bohemian, hence my positive surprise when I saw our sales performance on these items. The truth is that I was really eager to work on a sportswear line including all sorts of pieces that would come out comfy and practical for our travels or our daily use. Our joggers and sweater twinsets are quite versatile and extremely comfortable to wear. I use them the most on long haul flights because they’re some of the most comfy things I’ve ever put on. Below you’ll see me wearing our Silver Lake twin set in our LA office. Red is a colour that will make you look good and combines very easily with white, black or green… Hope you like what we had in store for you and can’t wait to hear your opinions on those pieces