December 19, 2017

Lovely Pepa

HONG KONG 4-5 0 Flares 0 Flares × Christmas is a time of the year which is partly so special due to the exchange of gifts. Personally, I am one of those people who enjoy the act of giving more than anything else in this world … That is something that definitely I inherited from my mother. I love seeing the faces of others when they open a package, see their smiling and surprised expressions. It is an inexplicable feeling but oh so enjoyable. I guess the best part is when they give you a hug to thank you. This Christmas I have partnered with one of my favorite Spanish brands in order to give you some inspiration. The latter is TOUS. As part of our little project, I have chosen a selection of jewels and a handbag from their collection and photographed them in a unique setting while in Hong Kong. The intention is obviously to give ideas to those of you still on the lookout for the perfect Christmas gift. I believe there are loads of cool and beautiful items there and truly, it is hard to choose among them. Jewels are such a personal and special gift and I believe they can be a beautiful gesture to someone you love. They can look like the bracelet I’m wearing or an amulet (that is so trendy this season). The bags are also ideal and very practical gifts that are sure to come in handy. Personally, I cannot think of a woman who does not like a bag as delicate as the one in the photos…? It is a great touch for a casual (but also a more formal) style and I simply wouldn’t take it off the whole time Ingot to wear it. Wouldn’t you guys do the same ? It is time to leave you guys but I hope that you’re having a great Tuesday and that you loved my little inspo. Las Navidades son un periodo en el que disfrutamos comprando cosas para los demás (yo soy de esas a las que les gusta mas regalar a que les regalen… creo que lo heredo de mi madre) Me encanta ver la cara de los demás cuando abren un paquete, ver sus sonrisas y sus miradas de sorpresa. Es un sentimiento inexplicable. Y lo mejor es cuando te dan un abrazo para agradecértelo. Estas Navidades he colaborado con una de mis firmas Españolas favoritas: TOUS. He escogido mis joyas y bolso favoritos de su web y los hemos fotografiado en un enclave único de Hong Kong con el ánimo de daros ideas a aquellos que todavía estéis dudando qué regalar a vuestra persona más especial. Las joyas son el regalo perfecto, con una pulsera como las que llevo en estas fotos o un colgante estilo amuleto que tanto se lleva esta temporada podéis triunfar. Los bolsos también son regalos ideales y muy prácticos. ¿A qué mujer no le gusta un bolso tan especial y delicado como el modelo….? Cuando me lo puse con este look tan sencillo no me lo quería quitar… era el toque perfecto para mi estilismo desenfadado pero además sería perfecto también para un look de noche más formal ¿No creéis? dress: Lovely Pepa (au/w 17-18) (here) bag: Tous bracelets: Tous (here , here and here) necklaces: Tous (here and here) rings: Tous (here and here) Turn on your JavaScript to view content Related Items