L I F E / Notebooks That Keep Me Mentally Sane

March 26, 2014

Love Aesthetics

 photo loveaestheticsnotebooks0.jpg The notebook and office supply obsession continues, stationery just radiates a feeling of productivity. And on productive days, I am the most happy. I usually dedicate one notebook to one personal project. Every to do list and idea gets written or sketched in their proper place. Also to keep mentally sane when working on many things at a time, it is very nice to physically close one notebook, put it away and open a new one. This week I reached a couple of personal epiphanies, there is a lot of newness in my head. So for this occasion, today I finally unpacked a very special, fresh, new notebook I had gotten as a gift from Maison Martin Margiela last year. I can't wait to fill it's pages, which are made out of fabric instead of paper. from top to bottom: set of rings: Asos notes: Hema mini Moleskine fabric notebook: MMM leather notebook: DIY claustrophobic notebook MMM