O V E R // A N D // O V E R // A N D // O V E R // A G A I N

March 13, 2014

Liza Chloe

OUTFIT WAISTCOAT. H&M. SHIRT. ZARA. SHREDDED JEANS. ACNE. BOOTS. CHANEL. New season, new look. Oh no wait, I already had these jeans last season… And the season before that season. So okay, vintage look? Eh?! My most precious blue jeans, meaning: most expensive, most awesome, special memories jeans. A denimance (agreed, I've become a it's-not-really-working-but-eh-let's-go-for-it-word-nerd). Every beginning of spring I dig deep to find these beloved pipes and recover our close relationship. This year was kicked off with a rendezvous between something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Chanels and blue jeans, a perfect marriage. PHOTOS TAKEN BY A DEAR FRIEND YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN', FACEBOOK & TWITTER Follow me on Bloglovin', Facebook and Twitter