E A S Y // D O E S // I T

March 14, 2014

Liza Chloe

OUTFIT BLAZER. CHLOÉ. T-SHIRT. TOPSHOP. JEANS. ACNE STUDIOS. BOOTS. DR. MARTENS. Some would say boring, I would question why go difficult if one could go easy? Certain looks have more flair to the eye when constructed with layers of details, but I am even more so a strong believer of the power of individual pieces. Take this blazer by Chloé for example, if I'd worn a happy hysterical t-shirt one would have never truly seen the beauty of the blazer by itself. Same goes for my jewelry-stacking-rule, don't. A pretty jewel will never be upgraded by the presence of another, a jewel is most powerful when worn on its own. I know many disagree on this stacking-rule (those wristbands-collectors among you), but to me less is always more. PHOTOS TAKEN BY A HANDSOME MAN YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN', FACEBOOK & TWITTER Follow me on Bloglovin', Facebook and Twitter