December 02, 2013

La Voyageuse

I have so many coats that it's becoming a problem.. but I just can't help it.. I hate wearing the same one everyday! I found this vintage (faux-fur, of course) jacket in Chicago right before I left for Paris. I happen to think it fits the aesthetic of the city perfectly, and it dresses up a pair of casual blue jeans and leather booties quite nicely. I'm very excited because this weekend I'll be jetting off to Croatia to visit a friend. We'll also be visiting Vienna, too.. for some much needed Christmas spirit. My family is originally from both Croatia and Austria, so it will be amazing to see my heritage up close and personal. I cannot wait!! Look forward to some amazing photos, because I'll be doing outfit posts/ and scenic ones while I'm there! Faux Fur Coat: VintageJeans: BDGBlouse: ZaraBoots: Minelli XOXOBisousOlivia