Le Marais

October 27, 2013

La Voyageuse

I love going to Le Marais on a Sunday because..well.. there are a lot of shops and wonderful bakeries open here (when in many other districts most stores are closed)! It's my favorite neighborhood in Paris.. filled with locals & actually many fellow Americans ( not to mention, Breakfast in America). Also not to mention, the World's GREATEST burger (bold statement) resides here at Mickey's Deli .. amazing parks.. beautiful architecture, there's much to appreciate on a lazy Sunday Afternoon stroll. Lazy Sunday Strolls call for a bit of a lazy Sunday dressing. A big cozy sweater, my favorite skinnies, my Docs, and a big hat. Pretty Simple and formulaic.. but sometimes there is a lot of gold in simplicity. I'll be traveling to Amsterdam on Thursday for a long Halloween weekend (My favorite American Holiday) ! If you have any suggestions for my upcoming weekend, please do let me know, I'm hoping to make the most of it ! Sweater: ElevenParisJeans: MadewellBag: MadewellHat: Gypsy Warrior XOOlivia