top VALE DENIM earrings FORD AND HARRISpants SEED sunglasses SUNDAY SOMEWHERE shoes ZARA These last couple of weeks prior my pending exam I was feeling a tad under the weather. But with a 48 hour Brisbane trip back home, where I was graced by the cuteness of my delightful family, twin, cat Claudius and just the familiar vibes of Brisbane and home, I feel re-charged and energised to immerse myself into blogging and uni again! This is the kit I sported for a sweet little brunch with my cousin and Tas. It is no secret that I love a cheeky midriff. It you scroll through the archives It is not hard to catch on that I've got a little bit of a thing for fringed denim or the charms of a good strapless top for that matter...This little Vale Denim number miraculously happens to be the point at which all three of those loves intersect. This fun little slice of heaven is just what my strapless top family has been rooting for too! These white seed pants are the newest addition to my white pants club. I am probably one of the only galz who has more pairs of white pants than their denim and black counterparts combined but too my defence, these have a slightly warmer blend, and cosier fit that makes them perf for these incoming cool months! xx