February 05, 2015

Inside In, Inside Out

I'm wearing top FINDERS KEEPERSpants FINDERS KEEPERSearrings FORD AND HARRISwatch DANIEL WELLINGTON bag DEADLY PONIES shoes MOLLINI I've always been a double (or triple or quadruple) or nothing kinda gal. If I wear a white top, I can't resist the temptation to wear all white everything else. If I buy a pink blouse, I must actively seek out a pink bottom to wear it with. I am all about the compound impactful-ness of repetition, particularly when in the bounds of stripes. Plus, the silhouette of this Finders Keepers duo is perhaps one of my most coveted this summer. I love the balance in the combination of low-necked spaghetti strapped tanks with relaxed trousers. And I am seriously digging the cropped nature of these - so flattering on my shortness of stature! xx