February 18, 2015

Inside In, Inside Out

Wearing: playsuit KEEPSAKEearrings FORD AND HARRIS bracelet FORD AND HARRISshoes TONY BIANCOsunglasses KSUBI (via Alterior Motif) watch THE HORSE via Universal Store Tasfia is wearing: dress RINGUETshoes STELLA MCARTNEY sunglasses RAY BAN sandals TONY BIANCObag DEADLY PONIES watch DANIEL WELLINGTON Because I haven't quite put it out there in the blogosphere, you cuties may not have picked up that the younger months of 2015 have meant huge changes to my daily priority/activity spectra. By quite an onslaught, this past month has been the greatest game-changer - I began studying Postgrad Medicine in an unacquainted city (Perth) on the other side of the continent, where I know no-place and no-one and most importantly had to psyche back into a 'uni' mentality that my mind had just entirely zoned out of for the course of 2014. This meant new transitions to my daily regimes - in particular, I've taken a conscious stab at changing up (or more or less refining) my dressing game a bit to cater to my 8am-5pm (and beyond) med-student lifestyle. And so, in terms of outfits these days, I tend to stick to a simple philosophy- a no-brainer regime that means that I'm not tip-toeing around piles of indecision of clothes on the ground before I have to jet out of the house in the AM - and this approach is to wear simply impactful pieces that can be worn in lots of combinations and permutations - (mostly monochrome to avoid the woes of matching prints and patterns).