I'm wearingtop GEORGIA ALICE shorts CAMEO shoes MOLLINI bag MAUDE COLLECTIONearrings FORD AND HARRIS watch THE HORSE via Universal Store Tasfia is wearingtop SCANLAN AND THEODORE skirt SHAKUHACHI clutch bag ROUNNboots GORMAN watch MARC JACOBSearrings HOLLY RYAN necklace GORJANA So now, I am finally back in the blogosphere after my longest hiatus yet - and hopefully back with a bang (because these metallic numbers Tas and I are sporting are some of our fave wardrobe newbies yet)! This time, for sure, I am back for good! The past two weeks, I spent chillaxing between my Tasfia's place in Sydney, and my parent's Brisbane abode. And now, that I've just had two weeks off Med School life, this hiatus had really let me realign my schedule and get back into the flow of blogging...These days, my regime has really done a 180 towards a sect of the wardrobe spectrum I don't usually visit too often - shorts or specifically, those perfect shorts in the perfect silhouette. Gone are the days, where I was all about longer lengths and oversized silhouettes exclusively. These days I've really been able to appreciate the charms of that perfectly flattering pair of shorts. Pink has always been my favourite colour, and so I always jump at the chance to bag that perf pink number when it enters my radar - and since the start of 2015, this lovely top has been the first of these serendipitous finds. It is also the cherry on the cupcake that it is in my favourite silhouette too!