I'm wearing: top MAURIE AND EVEskirt MICHAEL LO SORDO earrings FORD AND HARRIS cuff FORD AND HARRIS sandals WINDSOR SMITH Tasfia is wearing: top ALPHA60 skirt MICHAEL LO SORDOsunglasses RAY BAN sandals WINDSOR SMITH This past week, I've suddenly become busy in more ways than one and all at once with a bang. This sudden turbulence has kinda driven me back into one of my wee little blogging hiatus' - but I'm back now for a smooth flowing stream of posts coming your way! Anyway, you may've picked up, that I've gotta bit of a thing for, the maxi-high split white skirt, or to be more grammatically correct, a particular Christopher Esber white skirt that has frequented this corner of the Worldwide Web 101 times already. Now finally, I have found one equally as magnifique! Folks, meet my new Michael Lo Sordo rendition of the white slit skirt - a little shorter, with more of a wrap and a tad more versatile too!Tas is wearing her fab (relatively) new Alpha 60 top which I am currently super smitten over! Man, one of the worst parts of us living in different states (on the most part) is that I can't get my hands on her outfits gems (like this one)!xx