I am wearingtop HANSEN AND GRETEL shorts UNIFORM STUDIOS shoes MOLLINI bag MAUDE STUDIO earrings FORD AND HARRISwatch THE HORSE via UNIVERSAL STORE Tasfia is wearing top FINDERS KEEPERS jeans IRO boots GORMAN sunglasses RAY BAN bag DEADLY PONIES watch DANIEL WELLINGTON Lately, my wardrobe, is much better catered the the warmer pole of the weather spectrum. And so, these days, Ive been pretty much trying to suck dry and make the most of the remnant summer sensations in the air. There is definitely that (aforementioned) cool bite to the air circulating, but to my consolation it is pretty much the essence of the Australian winter day that winter holds strong only during the night and early mornings, with spring-summer like vibes making frequent appearances between the late AM and early PM hours of the day - So I can generally always get by with typically summery getups like this throughout the year (as long as I've got the right outwear at hand when I feel the winter bite!).