I'm wearing:black dress: CAMEOearrings: FORD AND HARRISsandals: WINDSOR SMITHbag: CASSANDRA LAsunglasses KSUBI via Alterior Motif Tasfia is wearing:dress FINDERS KEEPERSwatch DANIEL WELLINGTON earrings HOLLY RYAN necklace GORJANAsunglasses RAY BAN shoes TONY BIANCO It has been my age-old philosophy that 'I must wear the worth' of any piece I buy. Or simply put, their must be some equivalency between the number of times I sport a piece and the extent of damage it has on my bank account. This philosophy tends to serve most of us well when we invest in our pricer leather jackets, handbags, boots and basic tees which are easily synched into outfits. However, a dilemma arises when it comes to more elaborate 'going out' dresses, which, in theory have a narrow repertoire restricted to night time frolics and debaucheries. But, I kinda don't want to accept this inflexibility so I've been working around this dilemma, introducing sandals, day bags and subtler jewels to my delightful dresses that are more on the fancy side to draw them back into the "everyday-wear" paradigm! xx